Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Should You Join Angie's List?

Should I join Angie's List, the site known for its frank, honest reviews of contractors, plumbers, kitchen designers and now even doctors? It seems to me that given the many opportunities to quickly and easily connect with friends via Twitter and Facebook, I could get all of the professional recommendations I need.

But I was assured by a third party, several of them, actually, that Angie's List is the way to go. We're living large these days, so I'm going for the full-year membership at nearly $40. I'll let you know what I think.

Are you a member?

Updated 5/10 to add. Before I joined, I searched around and found an online discount code, bringing my annual fee down to under $30. Me likey. However, I'm not thrilled with TOS that require me to join only after giving them authorization to automatically renew my membership next year. Back on the positive side, apparently some companies offer discounts to Angie's List members. Woot!

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