Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Revolutionary Yardscape: One Book, One Idea

As we're thinking about renovation, design and decor, we're perusing a lot of books. We don't have time for full reports on all of them, but we're trying to share at least one stand-out idea per book. This week, we're looking at The Revolutionary Yarsdscape: Ideas for repurposing local material to create containers, pathways, lighting and more.

When I saw this at the library, I figured it would just be eye candy. Hooray for lots of pictures! Even better, I found more than one good idea, so today I share two.

1) Beyond the typical garage sale or salvage yards, consider hospitals, universities and restaurant supply outlets as likely sources for surplus or "downmarket" supplies.

2) The idea that most intrigued me in this book had to do with an area where the author stores a garden hose. He covered the small area of soil with landscape fabric to block out weeds and then filled it with 4- inch-long pieces of 4-inch diameter PVC pipe. Each piece of pipe was filled with broken dishes that had been tumbled to give them smooth edges (one could use marbles, pebbles or stones). He created a unique honeycomb look that allows for good drainage, something that could be an ongoing issue with our property.

And speaking of honeycomb, I just remembered a wasp's nest I that I forgot to mention to our agent. D'oh!

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