Thursday, May 19, 2011

Evanston Rebuilding Warehouse: New Salvage Spot Grand Opening May 21, 2011

As I've talked to people about renovating and remodeling our (soon to be) house, I've been asked if there's a local salvage source. I found one in Chicago, but I'm especially excited that I found one nearby in Evanston. I can't wait to check out the Evanston Rebuilding Warehouse and hope to be a frequent visitor, if not customer.

It's brand new. In fact, they are holding their grand opening this weekend, May 21, 2011

From their site: The Evanston ReBuilding Warehouse is a non-profit organization that promotes reduction of waste in landfills through sustainable deconstruction and renovation building practices. Reclaimed building materials are sold at our warehouse at low cost to the community and support our education, job-training and job-development programs which foster individual, community and economic growth in Evanston and beyond.

What's not to love?

Speaking of reusing and recycling, the owners of our (hopefully soon to be) house held an estate sale recently, but it was on a weekend we couldn't stop in. A few of my friends did though. It's kinda fun (and odd) that they've already gotten a sneak peak at our place.

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