Monday, May 23, 2011

Groupon for Home and Garden

Daily deals are all the rage right now and the trend is growing. This morning I learned about Groupon's new Chicago Home and Garden Deals. Score! I look forward to seeing what great deals come along through this. That said, before committing to anything, I'd want to check out the service provider on Angie's List or even Yelp.

I use an deal aggregator, called Deal Radar Chicago, that sends me a single daily email featuring dozens of Chicago's best deals. It's so much more convenient than having various emails from different deal sites fill my already overstuffed inbox.

After checking the day's features I head to the home products and services section, (though I may stop at the food section. Hubs and I enjoyed a lovely, filling and inexpensive meal at the Himalayan last weekend thanks to Groupon).

As noted above, I'm a bit suspicious about some of the offers given lack of information about the provider's background and the sense that for some types of jobs, it could be easy to pull a bait and switch. I feel most confident of the deals that come through Angie's List (these are included in my Deal Radar emails), because these come with ratings attached. You needn't be members of Angie's List to buy these offers, but List members receive a deeper discount.

What's your favorite service? (She asks despite the fact that this blog has not yet launched and she's talking into the wind.)

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