Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ferguson Dream Bathroom Giveaway Featuring Kohler Products

Always on the lookout for kitchen and bath giveaways, I'm happy to share my finds, especially given that the fine print often excludes me because, you know, we don't actually have a house yet.

Anyhoo, Kohler is good stuff. Go win your dream bathroom! We're headed up to Kohler, Wisconsin in just a few weeks for a housemoon. AKA, our last chance to get away without worrying about our house flooding (or being burglarized, burning down, etc.)

In addition to enjoying our time at The American Club, we'll be checking out the Kohler bath and design center. I'll be fantasizing about the tub of my dreams (which I will not get) and DH will be checking out the steam shower systems (which he likely will). They also offer factory tours, which we'll be skipping this time around, but have been on in the past. Watching a bathtub get made? Cool stuff!

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